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Meet Jenny Blom, a woman who decided to embark on a new adventure after officially retiring in 2022. With her passion for luxury baths and smells, Jenny started her own business, “Just Chilling,” which specialises in creating unique bath products with a beach and sea chill theme. Based in Johannesburg, Jenny runs her business from home and distributes her products online and by word of mouth.

Starting a new business always has its challenges, and for Jenny, the biggest challenge was sourcing raw and bulk materials. However, she overcame this obstacle by experimenting with various essential oils, salts, and butters until she found the perfect mixture for her products. What sets “Just Chilling” apart from others in the industry is the fact that all of Jenny’s products are handmade using the best quality materials.

For Jenny, staying motivated and focused is not an issue as she loves experimenting with beauty products, and being retired gives her the time to do so. When asked about the skills and experience that have been most valuable in running her business, Jenny shared that her love for luxury baths and smells was the only experience she had to start with.

As a small business owner, Jenny has adapted her business to changes in her industry, such as new technology or market trends, by creating a range of mixes that are unique and made by hand. To balance her personal and professional life, Jenny takes advantage of her retirement and does a lot of travelling, drawing inspiration from nature itself.

Jenny’s proudest moments as a business owner include finding success with locally researched and manufactured diet capsules and personal protective equipment (PPE) products during the pandemic. Maintaining relationships with customers and clients has been an easy feat for Jenny due to her long career in fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) and friendships she’s maintained over the years. She markets her business on all online platforms and sells on Takealot.

When asked about her goals for the future, Jenny shared that she plans to develop a comprehensive range of ladies’ beauty products and experiment with essential oils. She advises other entrepreneurs who are just starting out to follow their dreams and put their ideas into practice no matter what their age is. Jenny believes that setbacks and failures are part of the learning process, and she’s currently learning to find a suitable bulk supplier for her products and keep her packaging and bottling unique.

As a mom who raised two children while working two jobs, Jenny hopes her business will help moms relax and indulge in a bit of “me” time with “Just Chilling” products. To stay current with industry trends and continue learning and growing as a business owner, Jenny does a lot of window shopping and buys products to test and improve on with her brand.

Jenny’s story is one of passion, experimentation, and dedication to creating a unique product.
Her advice to follow your dreams and put your ideas into practice is something that can inspire and motivate any entrepreneur, no matter what stage they’re at in their business journey. “Just Chilling” is an example of how one person’s passion and creativity can lead to a successful and fulfilling small business.


This article was featured in Pivotl Magazine, Issue 1 of 2023. Read the full issue here.

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