Girls got Wine – Wine, Laughter and Girl Power

Looking for a fabulous way to meet like-minded ladies? Look no further than Girls Got Wine! Kerrin Few, the mastermind behind this wine-fuelled sisterhood, knows the importance of friendship and supporting local businesses. From paint and sip to wiggle and wine, Girls Got Wine offers the perfect platform for women to break down barriers, indulge in fun activities, and form meaningful connections. With events that leave you with a smile on your face and a glass of wine in your hand, Girls Got Wine is where friendships and memories are made. So grab a glass, join the party, and let the good times flow!

Kerrin Few, an ordinary yet passionate individual, found herself facing a common challenge after moving to Durban in 2014 – making friends. Fuelled by her determination, she conceived the idea of creating a ladies’ group to connect with like-minded women, giving birth to Girls Got Wine. With the goal of fostering friendships and supporting local businesses, Kerrin successfully hosted eight events. However, her path led her back to Johannesburg to be closer to her loved ones, and the group took a backseat. It was not until the outbreak of the Covid pandemic that Kerrin noticed a growing number of women seeking companionship.

“In May 2022, I decided to bring Girls Got Wine back to Johannesburg,” Kerrin reveals, discussing her motivation to reintroduce the group. “I saw a genuine need for women to forge connections and make new friends. The desire was universal.” Since its revival, Girls Got Wine has been organising monthly events that bring together like-minded ladies, offering them a platform to form meaningful relationships while simultaneously indulging in various activities.

Reflecting on the inception of Girls Got Wine, Kerrin shares her personal journey and the need for such a platform. “I was in search of new friendships, but I struggled to find a suitable platform. It was during this quest that I realised many other women were facing the same challenges,” she explains. “We all share the longing for connections and the happiness that comes with having a best friend. However, as women, we can be quite reserved and hesitant to approach strangers.” This realisation inspired Kerrin to create Girls Got Wine, an avenue where women can come together and engage in activities like paint and sip, bottle art, dot painting, Wiggle and wine, and many more, breaking down the barriers to friendship.

Kerrin acknowledges that starting something new is never easy, but her determination kept her going. The real challenge arose when she had to find venues that shared her vision and promote her idea. Advertising and growing her social presence also presented hurdles. “To overcome these obstacles and expand Girls Got Wine, I’ve met with business owners, conducted research, dedicated a lot of time to social media, and listened to what the ladies in the community want,” she shares. “I think this has helped the group grow.”

While juggling a full-time job and running Girls Got Wine as a sideline, Kerrin admits that staying motivated can be challenging. However, her ultimate goal is for Girls Got Wine to become her full-time occupation. Despite the difficulties, she genuinely loves what she does. “I love meeting the ladies in the community and giving them a space to come and express themselves and meet other like-minded ladies,” she shares. “Supporting local businesses is also crucial for the well-being of our area. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship.”

Kerrin’s ability to connect with women from diverse backgrounds has proven to be a valuable skill in organising events and fuels her drive to do more. “Having previously worked in client-facing roles and enjoying the art of planning, I’ve honed my interpersonal skills,” she explains. “My attention to detail adds an extra touch of magic to the events. Additionally, the support I receive from my family and friends is invaluable.”

As for changes in the industry, such as new trends, Kerrin shares, “Being able to adapt my business to meet current trends is always going to be a requirement. When someone else comes up with the same idea, you have to make yours better,” she emphasises. “You need to stay on trend, so, again, lots of time is spent on social media to see what is happening in the area and also to gauge what the community is posting about.”

Kerrin, as a business owner, has experienced significant successes and proud moments throughout her journey. Reflecting on some of her achievements, she recalls a memorable event in Johannesburg where she organised a dot art and wine session. Kerrin’s best friend, Amber Jones, often supports her at these events. Recounting the experience, Kerrin shares, “When I stood in front of the first group of ladies and explained the origins of Girls Got Wine, I could see my bestie tearing up with pride. It made me feel immensely proud.” Another significant milestone for Kerrin was when she received a call to be on Mix FM, allowing her to talk about her business on the radio. The positive response from people who reached out to her afterwards brought her a tremendous sense of fulfilment. Kerrin expresses her gratitude, saying, “I’m also humbled when ladies join our events and later post about the great experience they had. It makes my heart smile.”

Building and maintaining relationships with customers and clients have been vital for Kerrin. Over time, she has cultivated a strong presence on social media platforms. Her Facebook page has garnered 2000 followers, and she has a WhatsApp group of 400 members. Kerrin believes in nurturing these connections by actively listening to the ladies’ preferences and desires. She also ensures that she keeps them informed about upcoming events and invites their input on which local businesses she can support by attracting more customers.

Kerrin has found social media to be her primary tool for marketing and promotion. She leverages platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram, with plans to expand to TikTok in the near future. “I post the events on all the social platforms for the ladies to see and try to have the month’s events so that they can plan which one they want to attend,” she explains. Additionally, she actively engages with the I Love Fourways Facebook community, regularly posting updates on their page. “I am also building my branded materials and using a company called JGI Communication,” Kerrin adds. “I think this works for me, but I am sure I still have a lot more to learn when it comes to marketing.”

Kerrin assesses the success of her business based on the positive outcomes of her events. She explains, “The success of an event is how I see the success of my business. If the event is booked, appeals to the ladies, and they enjoy it, post about it, tell their friends, and return for more, that is success.” Looking ahead, Kerrin envisions larger and more frequent events, expressing her aspirations by saying, “My future goals are to have bigger events, more events, and hopefully one day have my Girls Got Wine on a wine bottle.”

When confronted with setbacks or failures in her business, Kerrin maintains a proactive approach to learn from those experiences. She reveals, “Setbacks include not getting enough bookings, and it’s disheartening to see events not filling up. However, I take the opportunity to reflect and learn from them.” Kerrin asks herself important questions, such as, “What did I do wrong? Where can I improve? What was missing?” Armed with this valuable insight, she adapts and plans differently for future events. Kerrin shares an example, recalling a wine-tasting event that didn’t meet the venue’s required numbers.

Undeterred, she swiftly took action, reaching out to other businesses and arranging an alternative event for the attendees. The outcome was a resounding success, and Kerrin notes, “The ladies were all very happy with the new plan, and we ended up having so much fun.”

Kerrin hopes that Girls Got Wine will leave a lasting impact on the community. She shares her aspirations, saying, “I hope that Girls Got Wine will be a name that ladies will remember and associate with friendship and memories. I also hope that I am making a difference to the businesses in the area by bringing in new clients and helping them get on the map.” In addition, Kerrin plans to give back to the community through initiatives such as clean-up days and drives. She mentions, “We are currently planning a blanket drive with one of the well-known ladies in the area.”

As a small business owner, Kerrin effortlessly balances her personal and professional life, with the support of her fiancé, Ben Wilsenach, whom she has been together with for 22 years and engaged to for eight. He supports all her ideas and often provides input. She finds the equilibrium quite manageable due to the enjoyable nature of the events she organises. Kerrin playfully remarks, “The balance is easy because the events are fun, and I get to go out and hang with a lovely group of ladies on a regular basis, oh, and drink wine.”

For aspiring entrepreneurs who are just starting out, Kerrin offers heartfelt advice. She encourages them by saying, “Go for it! Do what drives you, gets you out of bed in the morning, and makes you smile!” Kerrin’s words inspire others to pursue their passions and find joy in their entrepreneurial endeavours.

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